Meet our baby girls

Since being at the orphanage, Eboni (another volunteer I met here) and I have seriously bonded with the baby girls. We have truly fallen in love with these angels. There are seven in total that are in the nursery. What I find amazing is that even at such a young age, they all have their own distinct personalities and quirks. Let me tell you more about them.



Rose appears to be the oldest by only a few months. My guess is that she is about 18 months old. She is also the bossiest and most cross baby I've ever met. Eboni and I joke that she is a teenager in a baby's body. However, when she is happy, it is the cutest thing. Her laugh is infectious and so so adorable. She did not like me in the beginning. She would give me the meanest looks! But after a few weeks, she literally would not leave me alone. Never thought I'd see the day that Rose would cry if I put her down! Oh, she also adores food. Any sound of a wrapper crinkling and she comes running!



 Ataa is the second oldest. She may be about 16 months old. Eboni nicknamed her 'Dora the Explorer" because she was always off doing her own thing. In the beginning, she was sort of shy, but after only about a week or two, she warmed up to us so nicely. Ataa actually means "twin" in Twi. She isn't a twin though- she is a triplet! Her brothers are also nicknamed Ata (spelled with one "a" at the end for boys) and live in the boys' house. Eboni and I made it our personal mission to reunite the Ata's before we left. Ataa is just the cutest little thing. When she smiles, you see all her little baby teeth and it lights up her whole face. Her walk is super adorable too. Her little feet pitter patter and she scrunches up her shoulders. I love it!



Adepah, aka 'Fatty Boom Boom' (because she's just the cutest little chunky baby ever) I believe is about 14-15 months. She's a bit quieter than the older two, except for when she's in one of her crying moods where she'll literally just throw herself on the floor, lay there, and cry non stop. But when she is happy, you can't help but to feel happy too. Whenever I called her name in a singsongy voice, she would start laughing and run (as close to running as her little chubby legs could get) in the opposite direction. I always said Adepah looked like a Gerber baby and should be on a pack of Pampers or something. 



Nkansah my baby. The first baby I held at the orphanage. The first one I fell in love with. She is about 6 or 7 months old. She has these big curious eyes that almost look too big to be on a baby. I love them. She is my little busy body. When I first arrived there, she could not even crawl yet, but was crawling all over the place and even pulling herself up to stand by my third week. Eboni and I call her our twerking baby because she loves to rock back and forth on her hands and knees when she's happy. She also loves to climb on people. Literally has no regard for her little fingers poking you in the eye, slapping another baby in the face, digging her little foot into your chest.  I got a ring made that has her name engraved on it. I'm sure when she gets older, people there will tell her about me, as all the staff and house mothers refer to me as "Nkansah's madda." 



Rahel aka Joy. This little girl right here stole my heart right along with Nkansah. Eboni and I call her Joy because she is the most content baby. She would literally just sit and nod her head from side to side and smile and babble. I will admit, I overlooked her in the beginning (I was so obsessed with Nkansah). But this one. If I were able to adopt right now, I could not take Nkansah and leave behind my Joy baby. She is just the sweetest thing ever. She loves to cuddle and just stare and smile her gummy smile at you. When Joy smiles, that is exactly what you feel - Joy. It takes over her whole face and you can't even see her eyes when she smiles, it's that big. She learned how to clap and loved to clap and sing. And dance too. Joy is just the best. 



Ifea aka 'Aunty." We called her this because one of the first things I said was that she had a grown woman face. Which I did get to see her grow into, and when she did, she was just the prettiest little thing. We also called her aunty because she was pretty miserable, crying all the time, even when you finally took her out of her crib. I did notice though, towards the end, she didn't cry as much. I think she was just craving human touch and affection. Aside form fussing, she loved to stare at you and laugh. She was a little less than two months old and got adopted during my fourth week. I had no warning or notice that she was leaving. So when I got to the orphanage one day and her crib was empty, it felt like a loss to our little group, but I was also very happy that she had (prayerfully) gone to a loving home. 



Last but not least, Mahama aka "President" because that is the name of one of Ghana's former presidents. She was one month old when we arrived and so small. She slept pretty much all day long at first. But towards the end of my time, I saw her grow so much. Instead of being sleeping beauty, she was wide awake and looooved to be held. She liked when I stared back at her and talked. She would just laugh as if she understood exactly what I was saying. Her favorite thing besides spitting up all the time, was sticking her hand in her mouth and smiling. I really hope she gets adopted before she gets to the age where couples feel she is too old. 

These are our baby girls. Our Forever tribe of Seven.