What Ghana has made me appreciate

No one said it would be all rainbows and butterflies. Here's some things Ghana has made me really appreciate having at home:

  • Running water 24/7 - I've gotten used to and actually don't mind the cold showers since Ghana is so hot. But not having water to cook with, shower, or wash my hands really  bugs me. Especially being the germaphobe that I am and feeling like I need to wash my hands often. At least I'm able to take bucket baths since we collect and keep water for times like this. 
  • Sanitation/ Cleanliness- This definitely doesn't apply to all of Ghana, but in Kumasi, theres garbage on the ground everywhere you go. 
  • FOOD OPTIONS- although I don't mind and actually like most of the meals prepared for us in the volunteer house, I REALLY miss having options. I miss being able to eat out and have a multitude of cuisines to choose from. Being vegetarian/vegan also doesn't make it any easier, since all that is here from back home is KFC - probably the least vegetarian friendly place on the planet. Even decent pizza is impossible to find unless you go to the bigger city like Accra where they have a Pizza Hut in the mall. 
  • Snacks- basically the third point, but I had to mention it because the snacks here just aren't the same. I have resorted to stopping and buying a bag of popcorn every single day after the orphanage because it's the one snack that I find satisfying here. 
  • Chivalry- nothing crazy, but just the basic stuff like HOLDING THE DOOR OPEN for the person behind you. I noticed very quickly that the men here do not practice this. I've literally had men let a door slam in my face, cut me in line , and just plain behave as if they are superior. Culture or not, I definitely gave them all a piece of my mind. 
  • Customer Service- It just doesn't exist here. 
  • Washer and Dryer- I don't hate having to hand wash my clothes but that's probably because I know it's temporary. Definitely more appreciative of the convenience of being able to just throw a load in rather than spending 1-2 hours of my Sunday mornings scrubbing with my hands.

Nevertheless, it is all part of the experience and I'm just along for the ride :)