The Law of Attraction and how it's Worked for Me

We've probably all heard in recent years about this "Law of Attraction." It's not really a new concept- actually, it's ancient. However, it appeared in mainstream media when a documentary on  Netflix called 'The Secret' came out, following the book written by Rhonda Byrne. The whole basis of this supposed law is that we as humans attract what he put out into the universe. If we visualize, speak, and behave as if we know a certain dream, goal, or plan is already in the works for us, it will come to fruition. Sounds simple right?

Now, this does not mean that a person who sits on his mother's couch from sun up til sundown, playing video games and eating corn chips all day can believe he will become rich and famous and then out of nowhere, get signed onto some big movie deal. The Law of Attraction is not some passive wishful thinking. It actually requires some active role on your part. The good news is, this is mostly done with your mindset. Let me explain by giving a personal example:

So, as you may already know from my other blog posts, I travelled in Africa for a little over two months beginning in September. I came back home around Thanksgiving time and had been living off of what (very) little savings I still had left. Well as you can imagine, that very quickly began to dwindle away and I knew I needed to find a job as quickly as possible. I actually had began the job search while I was still in South Africa, about two weeks before returning home. December rolled around, and still no job. Not even a call back for an interview. Everyone kept asking me "how's the job-hunt going?" And I dreaded having to say "Still looking!" 

Finally, about two weeks before Christmas, I called one of the places I had applied to to follow up. They agreed on setting up an interview for the following week. I was really excited and hopeful. I thought this job was a perfect fit for me. A little background info - I'm a (very new) therapist and I received my Master's degree in Marriage and Family Therapy this past August. What I would love to specialize in is working with clients who have experienced some sort of trauma in their lives - mainly sexual, physical, or emotional abuse. 

Anyhow, this job was perfect for my passion in trauma work because trauma is what most of their cases focus on. I just knew this job was meant for me. So what did I do for those next couple of weeks leading up to the interview? I spoke everyday - whether out loud to myself or to a family member or friend, about how I was going to get the job. I didn't use words like "I hope" I get the job. Instead, I spoke as if I already knew that I would get it. I visualized myself working there. I looked up the nearest yoga studio and gym to the office, already planning how I would go to the gym afterwork or between clients. I calculated what my salary would be based on how many clients I imagine I'd would have on my caseload. If anyone I met  asked what it is I do, I didn't say "Oh, I just graduated from grad school and still looking for a job. No. I told them casually, "I'm a full time therapist."

Fast forward a few months. I had been working at this organization for almost 4 months now. To be honest, things started out rocky. I had been getting reprimanded almost on a weekly basis it felt like. So what did I do? I pulled out my journal, and wrote down some new intentions. one of them being: "I am excelling at work. My bosses are pleased with me and tell me often that I am doing a good job." And you know what happened? I'm sure you can guess, but I a few weeks later, my boss started praising me. Two weeks later, and I can count 3 separate times that she has told me how much she likes me and how she sees me doing great things not only with the company, but just in my career in general. This isn't by chance- it's manifestation. 

I'm working on a couple of new intentions now. She work related, and some more personal. The beauty of this is, you almost have nothing to lose - and everything to gain. 


Let me know in the comments how the Law of Attraction has worked or is working for you currently. Let's all inspire one another.