Where to 1st?

So as you know, I am taking a bit of time off so that I can see some world. You're probably wondering where I'm headed.

I haven't yet set in stone exactly where I will get to visit during this time. I don't even know for sure how much time I can, or will take. All I know is that I just need to go experience something new.

I have ALWAYS wanted to visit Africa. I'll admit, it first began when those God forsaken commercials would come on TV with the starving and big bellied children, as if to show the world that this was all the great continent has to offer. I imagined myself going over and doing everything I could to help them. Although this is still the case, I also realize there is much, much more to Africa than that. When I decided to take this time off, I knew Africa had to be on the list. 

After  a bit of research, I found a volunteer organization (more on that later) that would not only satisfy my craving to see the land where it all began, but would also allow me to do something great for children that deserve the world. 

I couldn't travel aaalll the way to Africa and only see one place. Getting there is no easy feat - expensive vaccinations, long and costly flights, visa, etc. So I decided to spend two months (9 weeks to be exact) volunteering in orphanages in Ghana, Tanzania, and finally, South Africa where I will be teaching English to elementary school aged kids. 

I do plan to return home afterwards (just in time for Thanksgiving) and spend some time there before flying off to chase another adventure. Where to next? Only time will tell.